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The Process of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the use of fluids to remove soil and stains from fabrics. It is called "dry cleaning" because the fluids contain little or no water and do not penetrate the fibers as water does.

Dry cleaning fluids dissolve grease and oils and remove them from the garment. Water by itself cannot do this. Natural fibers such as wools and silks can shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in water, but will dry clean beautifully. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester also respond well to dry cleaning. These fibers can retain oliy stains after washing, but dry cleaning will remove such stains.

Is Dry Cleaning Good For Clothes?

A study conducted at the University of North Carolina Department of Clothing and Textiles tested samples of woolen fabrics for change after dry cleaning. The study found that even after ten dry cleanings there were no significant changes in the fabric such as loss of strength or resilience. These findings confirm that dry cleaning is not harmful and, in fact, prolongs the life of the clothing by removing stains and soil that can act as an abrasive, wearing away textile fibers.

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