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Stain Removal

Q: Which stains are the most difficult to remove?
A: There is no one answer to this question. Stain removal depends on the cause of the stain, the amount of time the stain has been in the fabric as well as the nature of the fabric itself and the dye that has been used on the fabric.

Q: What about “over the counter” stain removal products or “trying it at home first”?
A: Most of the products contain chemicals which can cause damage to sensitive fabrics and dyes. Or the may leave a ring which is often more difficult to remove than the original stain. A failed attempt at stain removal with one of the products can chemically “seal” the stain, making it difficult or impossible to remove. The “Club Soda” technique falls under this category.

Q: Does dry cleaning solvent remove all types of stains?
A: No. Most stain removal is done by an experienced technician using special chemicals and knowledge.

Q: Are there really such things as invisible stains?
A: Yes, there are invisible stains. They are colorless until they age or are exposed to heat. Invisible stains can come from glues used when assembling a garment or, more commonly, from Tannins found in coffee, tea, fruit juices, alcohol, soft drinks or similar products.

Care Labels

Q: Should the garment that I buy always have a care label?
A: The law says that every garment must have a sewn in care label giving at least one method of maintaining the garment. Look for it!

Q: Must the care instructions be correct?
A: The law says that the care instructions must be correct based on the manufacturer testing all components of the garment. However, there is little or no enforcement of the law.

Q: If the care instructions are followed and the garment fails, who is responsible?
A: The store where you made the purchase is responsible. Their recourse is to the manufacturer.

Q: Can a garment be purchased that is neither dry cleanable or washable?
A: Some garments are unserviceable and can not be dry cleaned or washed. This is only legal if the manufacturer states on the label: Do Not Dry Clean-Do Not Wash

Remove the Plastic Wrap

You want to protect your stored clothes from airborne dust and particulate, but, you do not want to use the plastic covers that we place over your garments. That plastic is strictly designed for short term, in transit protection! Long term use of these plastic covers will suffocate the garment, trapping harmful gases and moisture and very possibly causing staining, mildew or other issues.

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